Isla holbox is a pleasant stay throughout the year.

Cancun, isla holbox and Yucatan will delight lovers of white sand beaches bordering the crystal clear turquoise sea, as well as adventurers and curious minds with a penchant for historical hacienda and colonial cities. diving, ecotourism and many aspects of the Mayan culture living in this beautiful corner of the country.

Between the estuaries inhabited by flamingos, coral reefs, mangroves, the jungle and the impressive network of cenotes that connects all the archaeological sites of Maya, Cancun, isla holbox and Yucatan offer attractions for every taste and any family. Their Caribbean rhythm and their warm population will conquer you! Regardless of your preferences or the length of your stay, this selection of attractions, events and establishments personalizes your discovery of the region, so your trip is unique!

The holbox island hotel area is the starting point for most stays in the region. If some people prefer to spend a week there, it may be interesting to move away from her a bit to live a more authentic Mexican experience. In addition to visiting nearby Ciudad Cancun, a trip to the holbox island mexico for at least one day is a must.

How to get to isla holbox? A short stay at Isla Holbox will also offer you a striking and soothing contrast, while the track connecting Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Merida and Uxmal will give you an excellent overview of Yucatan and its cultural combination, both Mayan and colonial. , Wherever you live on the Mayan Riviera, many excursions can be easily arranged in the surrounding area, within an hour of transport; you just have to make a choice!

Fans of educational entertainment will appreciate the holbox island mexico, thrill-seekers – Xplor or Selvatica, and lovers of more virgin nature – Río Secreto or Xel-Há. These parks are designed so that visitors can easily spend the whole day there. It would also be a shame not to admire the impressive remains of the Mayan cities: easy access to the archaeological sites of Tulum and Koba by car, public transport or participating in an organized excursion. Finally, diving enthusiasts will choose Isla Cozumel and its many reefs. Those who want to think outside the box will be happy to discover the peaceful Laguna Bacalar, the “seven-color lake”.

Staying in the region for at least two weeks allows you to combine rest and relaxation with the discovery of natural resources, colonial cities and archaeological sites. The best way to get around is by car, but taxis, buses and general taxis (colectivos) also very often run between different places in the region.

From Cancun take the bus to Chiquila, then take the ferry to the island of Albox, spend at least two nights there and swim with whale sharks, stingrays and sea turtles. Then join the Riviera Maya, where you can spend two nights in the small town of Puerto Morelos to feel the pulse of local culture, discover cenotes and explore reefs with snorkeling. A stopover at the hectic Playa del Carmen is also needed to eat well in the restaurant, take a stroll along Quinta Avenida or have fun at many beach clubs.

Stay in Tulum to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere, as well as visit its ruins and ecotourism parks on the Mayan Riviera. You can easily get to the archaeological site of Kobe or the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve for day trips. You can also easily get to the Grand Costa Maya and the beautiful beaten track Laguna Bacalar, which is 200 km south of Tulum.

Then you can make a loop passing Rue Geer to tie Merida, which deserves several days of exploration, and then cross the peninsula from west to east to take advantage of the many attractions: Chichen Itza, Valladolid and Ek Balam. If the weather does not allow you to make this loop, take the road directly to Valladolid from Tulum and you will find yourself there for a little over an hour by car. Immerse yourself in the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of a small colonial city and go to explore the surroundings, which have Cenotes, or the archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam or the Rio Lagartos Nature Reserve.

Tip. Try Tikin Sitz fish, a specialty of the Mexican Caribbean. The dish consists of fish (usually snook, perch, grouper or pompom), anointed with a mixture of achiote, caraway seeds, hut chili, cloves and sweet orange, as well as other seasonings. For about three hours, whole sea fish is placed on a banana leaf with onions, tomatoes and peppers, and then covered with olive oil.